Sierra Squeeze Burger

“The Best Burger in Town”

1/3 lb. California-farmed, fresh, never frozen, 100% beef patty topped with mayo, mustard, pickle, lettuce
onion & tomato on a fresh sesame seed sourdough bun. Now available in a smaller 1/4 lb size!

Menu Items

1/3 lb Squeeze Burger…$6.90         1/4 lb Squeeze Burger…$4.99
w/cheese…$8.40                                       Add cheese, fries and a 24 oz soda…$7.99

Mini Skirt Squeeze Burger….$7.65
w/half the cheese

Veggie Squeeze Burger….$6.90

Teriyaki Squeeze Burger….$7.90

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Sandwich….$7.40

Toasted BLT….$4.99

Make it a Combo!
Add Sm Fries and 24 oz Soda…$2.50

Cheese   Full Skirt $1.50      Bacon   $.50
Cheese   Half Skirt $ .75      Grilled Onions  $.50
Grilled Mushrooms $.75      Sliced Jalepenos $.50
Ranch or BBQ Sauce $.50

Chicago Style Hot Dog…$5.75
¼ lb. all beef deep-fried dogs topped with
mayo, mustard, relish, pickle, onion, lettuce & tomato

Grilled Cheese on Sourdough…$4.25
1/2 Grilled Cheese on Sourdough….$2.25

Fries…Sm $1.50 / Lg $2.95
Sweet Potato Fries….Sm $2.25 / Lg $4.25
Onion Rings…Sm $2.25 / Lg $4.25

Extra Sides…$ .50

24 oz. Soda…$1.39
Free refills during visit

 Prices are subject to change