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“Home of the Cheese Skirt”

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Try the “Best Burger” in Town!

Come into one of our Sierra Express Squeeze Burger locations and treat yourself to a delicious and mouthwatering Squeeze Burger. Made from fresh, never frozen, locally farmed ground beef and served on sourdough buns from the best local bakeries around, you’ll agree that our burgers are truly the “Best Burgers” in town!

Dress up your burger with a cheese skirt!

Order a Squeeze Cheeseburger – we’ll top it with a handful of cheddar and then melt it to form a crispy skirt of cheese. Holy freshness that’s good!


How do you eat a Squeeze Cheeseburger? There’s no wrong way!

  • Tuck the cheese skirt under the bun to savor the crispy cheese with each bite.
  • Eat the skirt on its own then dive into the burger.
  • Still want to try it but with a little less cheese? Order a mini skirt!
  • Don’t like cheese? No problem! Order it without cheese!
  • Pair it with a F’Real frozen shake for the complete experience!

squeezeburgergrill01-web-resWhat’s your favorite way to eat a “Squeeze Cheese”?!

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