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Cajun-Spiced Chicken Menu

It’s crispy Chicken Time! Our Cajun-Style chicken is fried in zero trans fat oil. Never frozen, our tender juicy chicken is cooked in small batches to ensure it’s always fresh and ready to go when you’re ready! Having a party or picnic? Grab a box to go! In a hurry? Call ahead and we’ll have your order waiting for you! Or order online.

Bone-In Chicken

1-pc   Leg (150cal) | Thigh (320cal)  | Wing (160cal) | Breast (390cal)

2-pc  Leg/Thigh (720cal) | Mixed (710cal) | Wing/Breast (800cal)

3-pc  Leg/Thigh (1040cal) | Mixed (950cal) | Wing/Breast (950cal)

4-pc  Leg/Thigh (1190cal) | Mixed (1270cal) | Wing/Breast (1340cal)

8-pc  Leg/Thigh (1880cal) | Mixed (2040cal) | Wing/Breast (2190cal)


Make it a Combo!

Combos include Sm Jojos & 24 oz Drink*

*Adding a drink will increase the calorie counts.

Additional nutritional information available upon request. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.

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