Loyalty Program FAQs

Why Doesn’t My Card Work Anymore?
In an effort to ensure our records are current, cards with no activity for 12 months, or with invalid information, will be deactivated. Members with multiple cards will be limited to one active card. Questions or concerns? Need to reactivate your account? We’re happy to help. Contact: loyalty@sierraenergy.net

What Do the Icons Represent?

Check out the icons below for more information on the different savings you can receive as a Sierra Loyalty Member.
Register your card online, then track your purchases and your points online!

Gas Savings






Use your loyalty card to receive .03 cents off on every gallon!


Earn Points on In-Store Purchases

Use your loyalty card when you buy items in our stores to earn 2 points for every $1 spent!


Coffee Club

Buy 10 coffees and get the next coffee FREE!


Soft Drink Club

Buy 10 soft drinks and get the next drink FREE!


Cigarette Club

Save  $2 off on the purchase of your 6th pack!
*Must be of legal age to purchase


Chew Club

Save $2 on the purchase of your 6th can!
*Must be of legal age to purchase


Vape Club

Save $4 on your 6th refill
*Must be of legal age to purchase